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If we closed your real estate purchase, we may still have your abstract in our possession. After a real estate closing, we continue working to finalize title so we need your abstract to do that. Once our title work is complete your abstract is filed away and entered into our database.

If you are looking for your abstract, please call the office at 563-324-4182 and ask for Shelley. A list of all abstracts that have ever been in our possession is entered in our database and we can check to see if we have your abstract.†If Shelley isnít available when you call, leave her a message, or ask to be transferred to Judy. If you prefer, you can e-mail your inquiry to Shelley Send Mail. Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your Name
  • Property Address
  • Lender at closing
  • Approximate closing date

If you have already called and asked us to make your abstract available for pickup Ė please let the receptionist know when you arrive that you have already called, so she knows to look at the front desk.

Because the abstracts are stored in a central location, we always appreciate a call before you stop by to pick up your abstract, so that we may locate it and have it available at the receptionistís desk.


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* Our attorneys serve clients in the Quad Cities and surrounding area.